Playing opportunities – music theatre

Playing socially is the most satisfying activity one can engage in after acquiring some basic skills. Most people go to blackboard / whiteboard nights or jam sessions at pubs and cafes. Taking an instrument when camping or going to the beach. One area of live playing that people don’t usually think of is amateur music theatre. If you have some skill at sight reading, getting involved in a production can be great fun. I have played in orchestras for “Les Miserables”, “Cats”, “The Addams Family” and about a dozen others. Not all the band members are experienced. Some are students from the school putting on the musical and others are community members who make their time available to assist.

How do you get involved? The best way is to approach high schools and contact the Music Co-ordinator. They can advise you if and when they are putting on a musical and whether there is a need for your particular skill.

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